• Yearbook of Type III
  • Yearbook of Type III
  • Yearbook of Type III
  • Yearbook of Type III
  • Yearbook of Type III
  • Yearbook of Type III

Yearbook of Type III

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An independent selection of contemporary digital typefaces created all over the world—from larger publishers and from smaller, independent typographers and boutique foundries.

The comprehensive compendium presents a curated overview with impressions of the typeface alongside examples of the typeface's appearance in print. Useful to designers and agencies as a source of inspiration, Yearbook of Type III can also help with the selection of the right typeface for a variety of projects. As a catalog and reference work, it's also of interest to all those who are interested in the contemporary world of typesetting and the latest in typeface design.

Includes index of classifications, an index of all designers and type foundries, and an explanation of all OpenType features. 

With essays and articles by Boris Kochan, Ferdinand P. Ulrich, Viktor Nübel, Laurence Penney, David Jonathan Ross, Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer, and Stefan Hattenbach

With typefaces by  205TF, 29Letters, Antipixel, AinsiFont, Atypical Type Foundry, Autograph, bBox Type, René Bieder, Binnenland, BlackFoundry, BLKBK Inc., Bold Monday, Briefcase Type Foundry, Brownfox, Canada Type, Cape Arcona Type Foundry, Connary Fagen Type Design, Darden Studio, Dharma Type, DizajnDesign, DJR, Emtype Foundry, Parachute, Fatype, Fontador, Fontef Type Fondry, Jan Fromm, FSdesign, Hoftype, Hungarumlaut, HVD Fonts, JAM Type, Kimmy Design, Kontour Type, Latinotype, Lazydogs, Letterwerk, LiebeFonts, LucasFonts, Lux Typographic + Design, Marin Šantić Typographic Consultancy, Mark Simonson Studio, Microsoft Corporation, Moretype, Mostardesign Type Foundry, NDISCOVER, NEW LETTERS, Nootype, NM type, Indian Type Foundry, P22 Type Foundry, Parachute, phospho, Plau, Playtype, Process Type Foundry, Ana Prodanović, R9 Type+Design, Revolver Type Foundry, Sakkal Design, Sandoll Communications, Schick Toikka, Schriftlabor, Sharp Type, Signal Type Foundry, Signature Type Foundry, Stawix Foundry, Suomi Type Foundry, Swiss Typefaces, Tetradtype, The Designers Foundry, The Northern Block, The Typecraft Initiative, Tour de Force Font Foundry, Dominik Thieme, TIGHTYPE, TipografiaRamis, type matters, typecuts, TypeMates, TypeTogether, Typerepublic, Typesenses, Typocalypse, Typofonderie, Die Typonauten, Typotheque, URW++ Design & Development, VolcanoType, Wiescher Design, and Zetafonts

Edited by Isabella Krüger and Lies Wolf

Art directed by Julia Kahl
Designed by Clara Weinreich and Nicole Lichtner

Published by Slanted Publishers, 2018

Hardcover with hot foil stamping, 440 pages, 7 × 9.5 inches

ISBN 978-3-9818296-2-4

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