• ToY Type Specimen

ToY Type Specimen

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By Philipp Hermann

While working on Campari Group’s custom typeface, Swiss type designer Philipp Hermann stumbled upon a magazine, Le vie d’Italia, which had been published monthly by Touring Club Italiano between 1917 and 1968. From 1924 to 1933 it was expanded and published as Le Vie d’Italia e dell’America Latina. Hermann's ToY draws on the vivid title lettering of this publication. A crazy C_A ligature and the alternate letter combination L_A provided the starting point for a strikingly tight headline typeface.

Keeping connected script typefaces in mind, Hermann designed ToY's characters for ultra-tight letter spacing. Even larger amounts of negative letter-spacing do not break the rhythm—the letters mesh together smoothly.

ToY is an intelligent font with over one hundred contextual alternates, optional ligatures, and stylistic alternates. The space-saving design of letters with descenders and very compactly designed accents provide possibilities for extra tight line spacing.

This type specimen features typeset ToY samples along with images of graffiti and lettering by brad / chicago's_cold_war.

Published by Out of the Dark, 2020
Printed in an edition of 300 copies

Softcover, 32 pages, b&w offset, 8.1 × 12.25 inches

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