Re-Imagine Bizarre Type


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A 412-page visual compendium of bizarre typefaces featuring 72 projects, 8 type design techniques and 9 typographic case studies, with related exclusive interviews. Includes work by Sato Koshikazu, Jaemin Lee, VJ Type, My Name is Wendy, 3type and many more.

Different kinds of typeface convey different styles and feelings. Re-imagine Bizarre Type presents typefaces that seek to embody the fluidity of sound and the experience of taste; others seek to tell a story, express emotion, or recall memories.

This richly illustrated book introduces designers and innovative typefaces, sharing real-world examples of how their bizarre typeface work in applied design. The volume aims to show readers the commercial and artistic value of bizarre typefaces by defining and showcasing a broad selection of works across branding, publication design, logo design, animation design, and experimental typography. Eight strategies are presented, intended to encourage readers to take the first step to bravely explore making their own bizarre type forms.

Note that the book cover is perforated and sections can be torn off and reused as bookmarks.

Published by SendPoints, 2022

Softcover, 412 pages, full color, 6.25 × 8.75 in.

ISBN: 978-9-88-760874-5

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