• Modelo Type Specimen
  • Modelo Type Specimen
  • Modelo Type Specimen

Modelo Type Specimen

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The Modelo type specimen—created by Marietta Eugster—is overprinted in silver and red inks on the first 16-page signature of The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2019 catalogue. Inspired by constructivist typefaces, early archetypes, and discussions about Die Neue Typographie, published in 1928, the Modelo typeface was released by Swiss design studio Maximage for the Jan Tschichold Award in 2020.

Designed by Marietta Eugster Studio

Published by Maxitype, 2020
Published on the occasion of the Jan Tschichold Award 2020
Printed in a limited edition of 500 copies

Softcover, 16 pages, saddle-stitch binding, offset printed with 2 PMS colors, 9 × 12.25 inches

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