• Graphic 35: Book Designs

Graphic 35: Book Designs

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“Book designs in the era of e-books” would probably be an appropriate subtitle for this issue.

What meaning does book design hold in the environment where the entire reading culture is facing a sudden change by this digital technology? Although it may be a stock topic, GRAPHIC approaches this question with a practical point of view, inviting designers from all over the world to share their valuable opinions on book designing in the 21st century.

It features seventeen designers or studios who are mostly working for independent and art publishers that are noted for accomplishment in their field. Includes an overview of trends in book making, as well as diverse opinions on the current role of book design, representative examples of designing practices, and insightful interviews with eleven of the designers, including Lamm & Kirch, Gilles Gavillet, and John Morgen, as well as Nina Ulmaja, head of graphic design at Albert Bonniers Förlag, and Julia Hasting, creative director at Phaidon Press. In addition, six studios were invited to contribute their own sections to display their creativity.

Issue #35 of GRAPHIC is the final publication in the “Book Trilogy,” conceived to include Graphic 30 Publishers and Graphic 33 Bookshops.

Contributors include Aaron Nieh, Andy Pressman, Aude Lehmann, Chad Kloepfer, Geoff Han, Gilles Gavilletm, Ingo Offermanns, John Mogan, Joris Kritis, Joost Grootens, Julia Hasting, Lamm & Kirch, Mirko Borsche, Nina Ulmaja, Paul Sahre, Thomas Petitjean, and VARV VARV.

Designed by Shin Haeok & Shin Donghyeok

Published by Propaganda Press, 2015

In Korean and English

240 pages, color and black & white, 9 × 12 inches

ISSN 1975-7905

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