• Graphic 30: Publishers

Graphic 30: Publishers

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This issue of Korea's Graphic magazine features interviews with ten publishing companies, along with information about their books, and copious photographs of various titles. These companies are all small-scale, independent, and not especially commercial. The books they publish are also different from typical art fare; and they differ from commercial publishers that depend on economies of scale and mass marketing. Their focus is instead on a sort of publishing that delves into the possibilities that the book medium holds in the contemporary moment.

Publishers included in this issue: Spector Books, Sternberg Press, Roma Publications, Rollo Press, Four Corners Books, Fw:Books, Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite, Mark Pezinger Verlag, Bedford Press and Torpedo Press.

Also includes an essay on contemporary art and design independent publishing by French curator Charlotte Cheetham, and an illustrated essay, “The Twelve Tasks of the Publisher,” by Jan Wenzel, co-founder of Spector Books.

Published by Propaganda Press, 2014

Text in Korean and English

204 pages, illustrated in color and b&w, 9 × 12 in.

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