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Digimyths Reader

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Produced to document 2021's DigiMyths, a three week program where participants researched mythologies, sketched out potential ideas melding this research with computer technologies, and actualized their concepts, this volume brings together details about about the curriculum, residency and speaker series and includes a text by Digimyths organizer, Colombian-American graphic designer, web developer, and educator Kevin Cadena.

Contributions from participants and commissioned essays round out the publication, including: "Notes on Navigating the Colonial Universe," by Maya Ortiz Saucedo; "Sitting at Home," by Zoe Peninna Baker; "Los Sentimientos del Alma (Tulum Dreamstate)," by Habiba Hopson; a text by Mae Eskenazi about their practice's roots in a disability framework; an untitled poem by Anjali Nai; "Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom," by Gisselle Jiménez; "What is Asia?" by Angeline Gragasin; poetry by T E Obiaya; "Contrary Characters: Stories from Asian-American daughters on their immigrant fathers," by Shin Yu Pai; "Close isn't Home: 3D Black Diaspora Library," by Samantha Vassor; "De Norte a Sur: Juego de Loteria," by Monica Sinaloa; and "Out of Time, Out of Place," by Chantal Feitosa.

Digimyths is a project that grew out of a desire to support and explore the complex conceptual framework that individuals ("third-culture kids") who are raised in a culture other than that of their parents and family or their ethnic background erect, conjuring a deeply complex sense of who they are and where they belong. This conceptual environment or place fades as connections with family in person visits and trips to visit familial lands become sporadic or impossible—situations deepened by the impact of COVID-19. Holding on to one's heritage becomes harder. Digimyths is an effort that aims to reconnect individuals with heritage by contextualizing customs and stories, expanding understanding without geo-physicality.

Designed and published by Kevin Cadena, 2021

Printed by TXTBooks
Limited edition

Softcover, 48 pages, 2-color Risograph, 5.5 × 8.25 inches

Notes: publication comes packaged in a reflective anti-static bag with a sticker and a piece of packaging tape that can be used as a de facto bookmark

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