Desired Landscapes, Issue 06


A Magazine Reading Into Cities

A pocket-sized magazine that brings together personal experiences of cities, the type of observations and snapshots that allow the reader to travel without traveling.

In this issue: how does a mental image of a city take form? Can a city become a place to (re)orient ourselves?

Issue 06 invites the experience of the city as a sensory map. Cities set in motion through bodily movement. Cities from a distance, and amidst them, running and dancing, suspended above. Cities as vessels of shifting memories, places and moments we want to preserve, or forget.

This issue is about movement.

Issue 06 takes readers to MIAMI – ATHENS – STOCKHOLM – VALENCIA – NEW YORK CITY – KYIV – BOLOGNA – BEIRUT – DHAKA – SABADELL – BERMUDA – and provides a city guide to SAN FRANCISCO

Contents include an interview with graphic designer Alice Twemlow 
discussing embodied research and the unfolding layers of walking when used in design pedagogy. Other articles look at Miami Beach's Art Deco scene; a runner whose tracing of typographic forms on a city's grid brings them to unexpected places; aerial views of cities; the story behind kinetic artwork in plain sight in the NYC subway system; the idea of a permanent tourist amid the resident-visitor dichotomy; walking as a way to witness and process loss in Beirut; Ukrainian modernism; and much more.

Conceived by editor-in-chief and Greek graphic designer Natassa Pappa, Desired Landscapes serves as a collection of work depicting distant vistas — unvisited or perhaps unforgettable, projections of possible homes, streets to be discovered, and urban clichés to be demystified. 

Designed by Kristin Papadantonaki

Published by [Street], [Design], [Words], Winter 2023

Softcover, 190 pages, b&w and full color, 4.2 × 6.3 inches

ISSN: 2623-3452

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