• Bruno Munari: Total Artist

Bruno Munari: Total Artist

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Art is continuous research,
the assimilation of past experiences,
the addition of new experiences 
of the form, the contents, the matter
and the media.
—Bruno Munari

“Everyone knows a different Munari,” reads the back cover of Codice ovvio, the collection published by Einaudi in 1971. And nothing could be more true: the diversity and originality of Bruno Munari’s artistic experimentation gave rise to a plethora of creative activities, ranging from drawings to designs, collages, paintings, sculptures, readable and not-so-readable books, new image reproduction techniques, industrial design, editorial graphics, architecture and new pedagogical ideas. 

This volume is conceived as an exploration into Bruno Munari's total art—a sum of orientations and cognitive relationships that reveal the pleasure of communicating, the rigor and simplicity of form, a criticism of artistic conventions, and an imaginative use of irony and multiple perspectives.

Includes a critical essay by curator Claudio Cerritelli and interviews with Gillo Dorfles (Italian art critic, painter, and philosopher) and Bruno Munari.

Designed by Housedada

Published by Corraini Edizioni, 2017

In Italian and English

Softcover, 304 pages, full color and black & white illustrations, 

ISBN: 978-88-7570-633-3


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