• Beyond the New on the Agency of Things

Beyond the New on the Agency of Things

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In this engaging new book, Dutch design theorist Louise Schouwenberg (born 1954) and designer Hella Jongerius (born 1963) examine the meaning and agency of objects, exploring how things act as mediators between people and the world both in everyday life and in the context of the museum. As technology continues to change these relationships, Schouwenberg and Jongerius thoughtfully consider the agency of our objects.

Questioning the market's obsession with novelty in design, the authors try to develop criteria for recognizing true cultural innovation. What distinguishes novelty for the sake of novelty from something truly new?

Designed by the legendary Irma Boom, the book itself is a love letter to creative design.

Published by Koenig Books, 2018

Softcover, 200 pages, 130 color images, 7.25 × 10 inches

ISBN: 978-3-96098-254-8

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