• Made in Japan: Awe-Inspiring Graphics from Japan Today

Made in Japan: Awe-Inspiring Graphics from Japan Today

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When a product is labeled as “Made in Japan,” the statement is often a promise of quality, a perfect marriage of aesthetic appeal and functionality. 

The people of Japan have created a material and visual culture that merges traditional art and philosophy with contemporary design, creating works that blend seamlessly into their lives. The intentions of the designer can be found in the slightest detail, yet none are overworked. A spare elegance is preferred to busy excess. 

With this strong national identity and focus on design, the iconic styles of Japanese design are a prime example of culture-meets-design, mixing history, traditional art, and philosophy into contemporary designs.

This volume spotlights 40 local creatives behind projects in different fields—from brand identities to spatial design to illustrations and more. Each field offers an opportunity to examine how the individual or small studios' practice is held together by the influence of a common culture.

Concept and art direction by Victor Cheung

Published by Victionary, 2018

Softcover with die-cut jacket, 296 pages, full color, 9 × 6.9 inches

ISBN: 978-988-77747-3-0

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