Type Tricks: Your Personal Guide to Type Design


Type Tricks: Your Personal Guide to Type Design is about typographical rules and the underlying structure of the work process in the design of new typefaces. Both a reference book and a user manual, it presents the different stages of type design in an easily accessible manner using illustrations and clear prose.

Typography professor Sofie Beier knows exactly what students need to know and how they can improve their skills. Type Tricks is not only perfect for students, it also comes in handy for every type designer as an easy-to-use resource. Its compact size makes it the perfect reference book, and it's easy to dip into to review information and best practices.

The book contains a number of essential tricks that designers need to know and understand. Typographic guidelines can be difficult to remember, but with this book you have a handy collection of tips to reference at any time.

Published by BIS Publishers, 2017

Softcover, 208 Pages, 3-color images, 4.75 × 6.25 inches

ISBN: 978-9-06-369458-6

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