• Designing for Print: The Art & Science

Designing for Print: The Art & Science

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Learn how to design for print, work with printers, and master your printing budget

By Marina Poropat Joyce

Designing for Print is an indispensable guide, written in an easy to understand format that doesn't skimp on knowledge. 

Created specifically for graphic designers, this helpful volume presents the advantages and limitations of various printing methods to give readers a way to make informed design decisions and produce impressive results.

You'll learn how to handle press checks like a pro, when to choose gang run printing, how to speak the printer's language to get better results, how to proof, how your decisions affect the environment, and how to spec the right paper for your job.

From designing identity systems and custom envelopes, to prepping for large format printing and bound projects, this book distills a lifetime of knowledge and experience. It's aimed at design students working with clients, web designers tasked with print projects, self-taught designers who want to address knowledge gaps, business owners who work with printers as well as established professionals who want information about current technical capabilities.

Designing for Print is itself printed using eight different inks on seven types of paper, and showcases printing techniques—including foil and digital UV printing—with physical examples.

Includes index, glossary and bibliography

Published by Inez D Inc., 2018

Softcover, 208 pages, full color, over 150 images, 8.5 × 11 inches

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