• Yellow Keytag

Yellow Keytag

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Draw Down × Various Keytags Collaboration

Cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK) are the four basic colors used for printing color images. The colors are subtractively pigmented and get darker when blended. Equal amounts of pure cyan, magenta, and yellow ink should technically produce black, however, impurities make true black difficult to achieve by mixing. That is why black ink ("K" for "key color") is typically included along with cyan, magenta, and yellow. 

CMYK is used for printing instead of other color models (like RGB - red, green, blue) because cyan, magenta, and yellow are able to produce most lighter color ranges while layering RGB colors produce darker shades.

A limited-edition collaboration between Draw Down Books and New York City's Various Keytags. 

Keytag measures approximately 2 × 0.75 inches
100% Microsurfaced Impact Acrylic
Made in the USA


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