• Writing and Research for Graphic Designers

Writing and Research for Graphic Designers

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A Designer's Manual to Strategic Communication and Presentation

By Steven Heller

For designers, writing and research skills are more necessary than ever before, from crafting basic business compositions to critical writing, from basic professional practice to more ambitious forms of communication.

And in this competitive climate, designers are routinely called upon to make words about the images and designs they create for clients. Yet writing about design must be accessible to everyone, from those with an interest in the subject to those who must be persuaded to develop one.

Research is one way to support and fuel writing. And this book is a complete, introductory guide that covers different forms of research and writing in design.

Topics include how images can be visualized through words; how to turn information into a strategic asset; how to use printed and online primary and secondary resources; how to shape writing for magazines, blogs, papers, lectures, journals, books, and even press releases; and how to express, analyze, and report on issues and news of design practice.

Includes insights and case studies from an array of design writers, journalists, and public relations experts on the craft of research and the art of writing. Consider this a handbook for designers who write and writers who design.

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Published by Rockport Publishers, 2015
First published in 2012

Softcover, 176 pages, full color, 9.9 × 8 inches

ISBN: 978-1-63-159112-9

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