• what are you raising them for?

what are you raising them for?

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Tim Devin tells you all about 70s hippie parenting

In this publication, zinester and librarian Tim Devin examines parenting ideas found in 1970s hippie publications—and compares them with what adult hippie writers have to say about their youth. Topics include alternative schools, food, and gender roles as well as many other topics.

Includes profiles of a selection of hippie magazines, including Communities Magazine, Synergy and Kaliflower and a bibliography.

Devin's thoughtful commentary puts his research into context and frames his findings for a modern reading public. The zine is a great resource for those interested in underground newspapers and magazines (subculture publishing), the history of parenting advice, and how relationships between children and adults were conceived and constructed within the hippie movement.

Published by Free the Future Press, 2016

64 pages, saddle stitch binding, b&w digital, 5.5 × 8.5 inches

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