• War and Peace in the Global Village
  • War and Peace in the Global Village
  • War and Peace in the Global Village

War and Peace in the Global Village

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By Marshall McLuhan

War and Peace in The Global Village is a collage of images and text that sharply illustrates the effects of electronic media and new technology on man. Marshall McLuhan wrote this book thirty years ago as a sequel to The Medium is the Massage, and following its publication predicted that the forthcoming information age would be “a transitional era of profound pain and tragic identity quest.” McLuhan outlines how all social changes are caused by introduction of new technologies. He interprets these new technologies as extensions or “self-amputations of our own being,” because technologies extend bodily reach. Computers have become extensions of our central nervous system, and most tech-related innovations have a profound effect on our emotions and sensibilities.

McLuhan’s ideas and observations seem disturbingly accurate and clearly applicable to the world in which we live. War and Peace in the Global Village at the current moment becomes a meditation on accelerating innovations, identity loss and war.

Initially published in 1968, McLuhan's text is regarded as a revolutionary work for its depiction of a planet made ever smaller by new technologies. A mosaic of pointed insights and probes, this text predicts a world without centers or boundaries. It illustrates how electronic information traveling around the globe at the speed of light has eroded the rules of the linear, literate world.

This edition also features marginal quotes from James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake.

Produced by Jerome Agel
Designed by Quentin Fiore

Cover design by Bryan Ray Turcotte

Published by Gingko Press, 2023

Softcover, 192 pages, b&w, 4 × 7 inches

ISBN: 978-1-58-423757-0

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