• Volume 55: Intangible Cultural Heritage

Volume 55: Intangible Cultural Heritage

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Volume is an independent quarterly magazine based that sets the agenda for architecture and design.

To think of heritage is to think of protecting and preserving our presence in the past. Heritage is a buzzword; it informs discourse about our identity, reminding us not just of who we were, but who we are.

But another lesson to be learned from history is the necessity of change and dynamism. What we want to preserve and why we want to preserve it is not set in stone, although we may have thought so for a century.

Volume #55: Intangible Cultural Heritage digs into the politics and practices of safeguarding the intangible. The issue looks at the kick-back effects on tangible cultural heritage and questions if institutionalizing preservation of the intangible is, in fact, a threat to its own survival.

With contributions from Rory Sherlock, Amritha Ganapathy, Francesco Degl’Innocenti, Cameron David Warner, Zach Pontz, Troy Conrad Therrien, Zachary Sweeney-Lynch, Will Tooze, James Hendrix Elsey, bmd, and Arjen Oosterman. Interviews with Francesco Bandarin, John Palmesino, Doina Işfănoni, Saverio Massaro, Chiara Bortolotto, and KIEN.

Edited by Arjen Oosterman

Designed by Irma Boom Office (Irma Boom and Jan van der Kleijn)

Published by Archis, 2019

72 pages, color and b&w images, 9.5 × 13 inches 

ISBN: 978-9-07-796665-5

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