• VOL 2 (Volume 2) Steve Lehman: Foreign Exchange

VOL 2 (Volume 2) Steve Lehman: Foreign Exchange

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Publication and poster featuring Steve Lehman, with photography by Evan Ortiz. Written by Devin Leonard.

Each issue of this music publication focuses on a single artist. One sheet, one photo, and one subject: editorial logic dictates form. If each issue is considered as a printed response to a singles culture, its format is an invitation to create a personalized remix. 

Volume ships from Draw Down Books as a pre-folded poster, and recalls the simplicity of early music fanzines and the ubiquity of music posters.

Designed by Alexander Shoukas

1 sheet, black and white offset, 19.5 × 27.8 inches
(folded) 6.9 × 9.8 inches 

ISBN 978-1-5323-3337-8


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