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VHS Video Cover Art

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A unique and largely lost art-form, video cover art flourished during a period of unabashed creativity during the 1980s and 1990s video rental boom.

The cover art from this period is explosive—an indulgent blend of design, illustration, typography, and hilarious copywriting. Art and film came together in a visual cacophony of mustachioed hunks, buxom babes, big explosions and nightmare-inducing monsters. 

This compilation—written and curated by Tom “The Dude Designs” Hodge with a foreword by pop culture enthusiast Justin Ishmael—contains over 240 full-scale, complete video sleeves produced for the UK market in the genres of action, comedy, horror, kids, sci-fi, and thriller films.

Each page shows the full front, back, and spine of a VHS release, with B-movie titles and obscure gems providing a lurid parade of fantastic box art to inspire current artists and designers.

Designed by Tom Hodge

Published by Schiffer, 2015

Hardcover, 264 pages, full color, 11.8 × 9.1 inches

ISBN: 978-0-7643-4867-9

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