TYPEONE: Issue 02


The Kinetic Type issue

Kinetic (moving) type has seen an abundance of exponential growth in the last 50 years as the possibilities of matching text and motion has grown in direct correlation to the equally exponential, if not more so, developments in technology. Having manifested itself and created a solid home in the design industry, the second issue of TYPEONE magazine the editors explores the methods, the logic, and the creatives behind this exciting niche using QR code technology to translate static content to moving imagery.

Contributors include James Kape, Aries Moross, Wale Osunla, Johnny Brennan, Santiago Avila, Chaoqun Wang, Connor Campbell, Rifke Sadleir, Elias Hanzer, Kiel Mutschelknaus, Jeroen Krielaars, Studio DIA, Studio Dumbar, Lilach Bullock, Mat Voyce, Georgia Yana, Charlie le Maignan, Graziella Tambo, Design Calendar, Tra Giang Nguyen, Andreion de Castro, Alex Belenkly, Nikita Iziev, Tobias Rachbacher, Nina Kleinert, Streetwstudio, Jake Farmer, and Naufalrel Pandu

Cover design by Tra Giang Nguyen
Designed by Studio Ground Floor (Alice Sherwin and Harry Bennett)
Creative direction by Amber Weaver

Edited by Zoe Loring Murphy

Published by Type01 Ltd. UK, 2021

Softcover, 144 pages, Litho printed CMYK + special Pantone Spot color, with lenticular cover, 8.7 × 11.7 inches

ISSN: 2635-0335

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