Type Life: Issue #2 - SangBleu Typeface Legacy


Lovers of type, rejoice!

Swiss Typography presents a cornucopia of visual inspiration that will warm the cockles of a typographer's heart, with insights into their cosmos of style, fonts, and fashion. Readers will find both Rihanna and Rudolf Koch, social media snippets juxtaposed with engravings from the Caslon type foundry, and a douk-douk knife next to a 15th-century Danse Macabre.

At the center of Issue #2 is Sang Bleu. Sang Bleu is both the name of a typeface from Swiss Typefaces, and an independent multi-disciplinary media platform and creative agency.

As in the first issue, Type Life showcases plenty of letterforms as well as a contribution by a guest artist, Studio Jimbo from Paris. The issue is printed in seven Pantone spot colors.

Designed, edited, and art directed by Swiss Typefaces

Published by Swiss Typefaces, 2017

36 pages, 7-color printing, loop staples binding, 9.5 × 12.6 inches

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