• Two-Dimensional Man / Paul Sahre

Two-Dimensional Man / Paul Sahre

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American graphic designer Paul Sahre shares deeply revealing stories that serve as the unlikely inspiration behind his extraordinary thirty-year design career. Sahre explores his mostly vain attempts to escape his “suburban Addams Family” upbringing and the death of his elephant-trainer brother. He also wrestles with the cosmic implications involved in operating a scanner, explains the disappearance of ice machines, analyzes a disastrous meeting with Steely Dan, and laments the typos, sunsets, and poor color choices that have shaped his work and point of view.

Two-Dimensional Man portrays the designer's life as one of constant questioning, inventing, failing, dreaming, and ultimately making.

Lushly illustrated with Sahre's design work—book covers, record album covers, editorial illustrations, posters—as well as personal photos, ephemera, and archival materials.

Published by Abrams Press, 2017

Hardcover with inset poster, 320 pages, 100 color illustrations, 6.5 × 9 inches

ISBN: 978-1-4197-2415-2


Looking makes making better.