The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2013


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For the annual roundup of the crème de la crème of books published in Switzerland, designers Julien Tavelli and David Keshavjee of Maximage took the idea of the test print to its extreme by subjecting various pages of the book to continuously changing parameters. The result is highly varied—for example, using CMYK and Sixplex printing, matte varnish or no varnish, etc. The various treatments and methods are intermixed with different screening criterions. Particularly attractive to those in the industry, such as designers, printers and lithographers, it will also appeal to students and anyone who appreciates visually strong books that are conceptually sophisticated at the same time.

Concept and design: Maximage

Published by Federal Office Of Culture Bern, 2014

Text in German and English

160 pages, color and b&w illustrations, 9 × 12.25 in.

ISBN 978-3-952420-91-1