• The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2012

The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2012

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More than 450 entries completed for recognition in 2012’s competition, a substantial increase from previous years. Undeterred, the jury—David Senior, Sara De Bondt, Christina Reble, Manuel Krebs, and Lex Trüb—sifted through this mass of remarkable work, assessing books based on conception, graphic design and typography, with particular attention to innovation and originality. The jury also considered quality of printing, bookbinding workmanship, and the materiality of the entries. Nineteen exemplary books were selected as finalists, each of which is reviewed in this volume. Also included are short interviews with jury members, an overview of the deliberations, technical data about the books, and an insert with complete texts in German, French and Italian.

Design and typesetting: Aude Lehmann

Photography: Maurice Scheltens and Liesbeth Abbenes

Published by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture, 2013

In English

64 pages, b&w photographs, 8.8 × 12.8 in.
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ISBN 978-3-9523843-6-7

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