• The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2011

The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2011

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Drawing attention to remarkable contemporary books by Swiss designers, printers and publishers, the competition for the most outstanding examples of book design in Switzerland has been held annually since 1943. The jury, which takes into account each book's overall concept, materials, graphic design and typography, with particular attention to innovation and originality, awarded a total of 27 books published in 2011. Presented here is an overview of the awarded titles, plus a special focus on the winner of the Jan Tschichold Award, which honours excellence in the field of book design and was in 2011, for the first time, given to a printer, Erich Keiser of the Druckerei Odermatt.

Concept and Editing by Aude Lehmann and Tan Wälchli
Designed by Aude Lehmann

Published by Federal Office Of Culture Bern, 2014
Printed in an edition of 3,000 copies

Multilingual, text in German, French, Italian, and English

80 pages, b&w illustrations, 8.75 × 13 inches

ISBN: 978-3-9522700-9-7

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