• The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2010

The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2010

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The Most Beautiful Swiss Books is one of the most reputed competitions of its kind worldwide and has helped build up the international recognition enjoyed by contemporary Swiss book design. Prize winning designers include Adéla Svobodová, Anna Haas, Julia Born (who also won the Jan Tschichold Award), Kay Bachmann, Aude Lehmann, and sofie’s Kommunikationsdesign among others. With an essay by Adam Szymczyk and introduction by Anisha Imhasly.

Concept and Editing by Aude Lehmann and Tan Wälchli
Designed by Aude Lehmann

Published by Federal Office Of Culture Bern, 2014
Printed in an edition of 3,000 copies

Bilingual, text in German and English

60 pages, b&w illustrations, 8.75 × 13 inches

ISBN: 978-3-9522700-8-0

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