The Kaba Ornament


Experiments with a typographical ornament and its mirror image in vignettes, borders, and patterns

The Arabic word kaba means "cube" when translated into English. The idea became the basis of a 30-year, sketch based investigation into the seemingly endless combinations of this graphic form for the late Dutch typographer and type design Bram de Does. Many of these sketches are lovingly reproduced in this handsome publication. The collection of work presents a seemingly endless combination of patterns, ornaments, and borders built on a single abstract asymmetric form (and it's mirror version) designed by de Does. Original notes documenting his method of construction and approach to this multi-decade project accompany the abstract ornaments and original sketches.

Published by De Buitenkant, 2006
Bilingual, in Dutch and English

Hardcover, 400 pages, color and b&w image, 7 × 10 inches

ISBN: 978-9-07-645295-1

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