The Cardiff Tapes (1972)

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By Garth Evans
Commentary by Jon Wood

In 1972, artist Garth Evans welcomed the opportunity to create a public sculpture in Cardiff, Wales, as part of the Peter Stuyvesant Foundation’s City Sculpture Project. Concerned that the increasing demand for his work served only to reinforce the political, social, and economic status quos, Evans hoped to unsettle this dynamic by making a sculpture that would connect with an audience outside of the art world. The morning after the installation of his sculpture, Evans recorded the responses of passersby.The Beckettian transcript of the Cardiff interviews is presented here, framed by Evans’s introduction and reflection. Art historian Jon Wood contextualizes The Cardiff Tapes within contemporaneous debates about sculpture and public space. These writings explore ideas about the social responsibilities of art and artists, and make a cogent argument for the value of “difficulty” in sculpture.

Published by Soberscove Press, 2015
90 pages, 20 color images, 5.5 × 8 inches

ISBN 978-1-940190-08-2