• The Best Dutch Book Designs 2013

The Best Dutch Book Designs 2013

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In 2013, over three hundred entries were considered for the Best Dutch Book Designs competition. One hundred and five submissions were selected for further discussion. In the end, thirty-three books were chosen, with thirty additional tomes identified as runners-up.

All sixty-three books are overviewed in this superbly bound volume, which details the finer points of the jury’s selection process, wherein pivotal questions were posed, such as the quality and inclusion of different types of paper, whether a book lies open nicely, the failings of indifferent typography, how the captions are formulated and located, new developments in narrative style, and if the book reflects everyday digital reality.

In short, this volume is an intimate and loving tribute to book design.

Concept and design by Art Collart, Rotterdam

Published by CPNB (“The Collectieve Propaganda van het Nederlandse Boek” / “Collective Promotion for the Dutch Book”)

Bilingual, in Dutch and English

Hardcover, 362 pages, color and b&w images, 5 × 8 inches

ISBN: 978-9-05-965250-7

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