• The Art of Civil Action: Political Space and Cultural Dissent

The Art of Civil Action: Political Space and Cultural Dissent

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How do the arts contribute to the formation of democratic processes?

How does culture constitute public space and a civil domain? 

The Art of Civil Action argues that cultural initiatives play an underappreciated but crucial role in unlocking dormant democratic potential in our societies. Arts and culture can be a cornerstone of the civil domain, and an anchor as communities reconcile their local and global identities and roles.

Considering how to establish a sustainable, transnational civil space, and what role culture and the arts can play in this process, The Art of Civil Action uses a colorful mix of case studies on citizen-led cultural initiatives from Europe and around the world.

Social scientists, cultural theorists, activists, and artists contribute conceptual perspectives on how the arts and culture can help build a locally rooted civil society in a globally connected context.

With texts by Andrew Barnett, Llorenç Bonet, Ilya Budraitskis, Giuliana Ciancio, Philipp Dietachmair, Milena Dragićević Šešić, Pascal Gielen, Max Haiven, Stefan Kaegi, Ivan Krastev, Thijs Lijster, Tomislav Medak, Borka Pavićević, Yudhishthir Raj Isar, Igor Stokfiszewski, and. Hakan Topal. Illustrations by Dan Perjovschi

Edited by Philipp Dietachmair & Pascal Gielen

Designed by Metahaven

Published by Valiz, 2017

Softcover, 304 pages, b&w, 5.25 × 8.25 inches

ISBN: 978-94-92095-39-8

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