• Test Pattern / Cem Eskinazi
  • Test Pattern / Cem Eskinazi
  • Test Pattern / Cem Eskinazi

Test Pattern / Cem Eskinazi

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A collection of test patterns developed by graphic designer and type designer Cem Eskinazi.

Eskinazi first began working with test prints during the summer of 2010 when he was placed in charge of a darkroom in İzmir, Turkey and used a focusing sheet to fix a broken enlarger. This experience sparked an ongoing interest in the functional forms drawn by engineers to test and calibrate machines.

Eskinazi's forms in this volume recreate such targets using a related, mathematically accurate approach. The removal of the work from their original context provides a more purely aesthetic experience. While the forms may be considered ornamental, many retain their functional purpose.

Published by Draw Down 

First edition, 2018

Softcover, 28 pages, stapled binding, black and white, 4 × 6 inches

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