• Tendency Zine #1: Print Screen

Tendency Zine #1: Print Screen

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Tendency is a publication focused on human behavior in modern society, initiated by Jakarta, Indonesia's Scouting Unit.

The idea behind this zine is forged from a curiosity that has been eternally present among humans—the impulse to understand others. As human beingswe strive to be better by learning about others, by taking positive influences and shaping them into our own character. But to understand someone completely, we would need to spend most of our time with themwatching and understanding how they live their lives. Perhaps even then, we still would be unable to understand them in toto.

Our minds wonder about the minds of othershow they think and how they arrive at particular decisions. What makes them them?

And when it comes to human interactions, people may not always be able to show the real version/s of themselves. But Scouting Unit proposes that when individuals are by themselves—without others looking on—we become who we really are. When we are alone with things personal to usperhaps our smartphones or personal computerwe reveal ourselves as we really are.

Designed by Table Six Studio

Published by Scouting Unit

Softcover, 68 pages, 1-color Risograph, 5 × 9.75 inches
Includes one set of stickers

Looking makes making better.