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TBD Catalog / Near Future Laboratory

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Check out some of the products of tomorrow today and get to know your future!

TBD Catalog is today's exuberance about a fantastic near future translated into an the inevitably normal, ordinary and every day. A collaborative design fiction project by a disparate group of designers, curators, science fact and science fiction writers, students of science and technology studies, prototypers, cultural theorists, engineers, artists and makers, this catalog brings together creative inspiration for a possible near future. Chock full of products, classifieds, and full-page ads, this is a representation of a possible future glimpsed through the prism of SkyMall.

Editorial and conceptual team: Aaron Straup Cope, Bruce Sterling, Cezanne Charles, Chris Woebken, Christian Svanes Kolding, Emmet Byrne, James Bridle, John Marshall, Julian Bleecker, Karl Daubmann, Marc Greuther, Marcus Bleecker, Meghan Mulholland, Moka Pantages, Nicolas Nova, Nick Foster, Raphael Grignani, Tom Bray, and Zack Jacobsen-Weaver

Designed by Emmet Byrne, Julian Bleecker, Nick Foster, and Lena Tesone

Published by Near Future Laboratory

Softcover, 112 pages, full color, 6 × 8.5 inches



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