• Sunday Suns

Sunday Suns

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A collection of work by American illustrator and designer Tad Carpenter.

Starting in 2015, Carpenter began creating a new sun every Sunday. As simple as that sounds, the results are profound. Sunday Suns is an experiment. It is play. It is half therapy and half visual journalism—a small way to inject the world with some much needed positivity and light. Illustrated, sculpted, modeled, stitched, or carved, the suns emerged from a place that will be familiar to many professional graphic designers: the daily grind of rejection and scrutiny in a world that's dictated by economic success.

Bring some sunshine into your own life (or share some light with someone who needs it) with this very special volume. The volume features hundreds of Tad's suns as well as his process and the inspiration behind their creation.

Published by Count-Print, 2021

Hardcover with belly band, 216 pages, full color, 7.5 × 9.25 inches

ISBN: 978-1-91-612618-3

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