Structuring Design: Graphic Grids in Theory and Practice


An introduction to one of the basic tools of graphic design with background, explanations, and guidelines

Where do use which grids? What is their significance? How are they created? This book answers all of these questions.

How do you begin using grids and what steps should you follow? What differentiates the visual from the verbal? How does one balance method and intuition? These topics are all covered in this instructive volume.

Structuring Design presents the principles and rules of visual communication as an introduction to practical design. The book offers a compact mix of practical tips and helpful information, coupled with an extensive glossary.

By Ulysses Voelker

Designed by Michael Schmitz and Ulysses Voelker

Published by Niggli, 2019

Hardcover, 176 pages, 150 images, 2-color printing, 7.25 × 10.10 inches

ISBN: 978-3-72-120994-5

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