• Strange Worlds / Matthew Albanese

Strange Worlds / Matthew Albanese

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There is more than what meets the eye in Matthew Albanese’s captivating photographs. From an erupting volcano to a sweeping tornado to the landing on the moon, nothing is quite what it appears to be. Welcome to the Albanese's extraordinary world, where glaciers are not made of ice but of sugar, salt, egg whites, food coloring, flour and light.

Albanese meticulously fabricates and then photographs small-scale models of complex panoramic vistas, such as wind-blown willows on stormy rivers and raging forest fires, using humble materials including cotton batting, boiled sugar candy, sand, and feathers. By masterly manipulating the scale, depth of field, balance and lighting, he alters the appearance of the materials to create dramatic and emotionally evocative landscapes. This  book brings together for the first time all the photographs in the Strange World series, including a new work made especially for the publication.

The book features an engaging essay by David Revere McFadden (Chief Curator, Museum of Arts & Design, New York City), behind-the-scenes images of the miniature worlds, and insightful text by the artist on the process of his work.

Designed by Elisabetta Calabritto

Published by Lazy Dog Press, 2013

Hardcover, 96 pages, 105 full color plates, 9 × 11.25 inches

ISBN: 978-88-98030-03-3

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