• Screenprinting: The Ultimate Studio Guide

Screenprinting: The Ultimate Studio Guide

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From Sketchbook to Squeegee

By Print Club London

Although the technique of screen printing dates back to first-century China, it became the preferred printing method of choice for musical and political counterculture movements of the 1960s, thanks to its ease, cost, and flexibility.

It moved into the mainstream with Andy Warhol's iconic screen print of Marilyn Monroe and was quickly adopted by artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Rauschenberg.

Screen printing has become even more widespread with the many demonstrations, marches, and grassroots protests in the wake of the American presidential election of 2016.

Screen Printing: The Ultimate Studio Guide is a definitive, fully illustrated manual on the techniques, materials, and processes of screen printing.

An essential and highly practical reference, this book is equally suited for beginning and experienced printers, with step-by-step tutorials on basic and advanced techniques, as well as “workshops” by several of the world's best-known screen printers, including Ben Eine and Bob Gill.

Designed by Sarah Boris

Published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2018

Softcover, 288 pages, 450+ color images, 8.25 × 11.375 inches

ISBN: 978-1-61-689655-3

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