• Sam Is Not My Uncle: The USA in Cuban Poster and Billboard Art

Sam Is Not My Uncle: The USA in Cuban Poster and Billboard Art

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Since Fidel Castro came to power, hundreds of billboards and posters have alluded to the enemy of the revolution: the US government, with its military might and the CIA at its service. Uncle Sam with his hands cut off; the head of the Statue of Liberty impaled on a bayonet; a trash can decorated with the Stars and Stripes—these are just some of the provocative images with which Cuban propaganda has represented the United States over the past half-century and more. 

Sam Is Not My Uncle gathers for the first time a selection of these works, most of which have never before been published in book form. It offers an overview of the images that Cuban propaganda has used to reference different issues and episodes that have marked US-Cuban relations since 1959, and traces the way graphic design was employed for Cuba's official propaganda machine during a particularly tense and confrontational period of political conflict and rhetoric.

Text by Alfons González Quesada

Designed by Andreu Balius and Ricard Garcia

In Spanish, with English translation

Published by Casa Amèrica Catalunya, Editorial RM

Softcover, 120 pages, 92 full color images, 6.25 × 9.25 inches

ISBN: 978-84-16282-68-5

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