• READ / Yoonkee Kim

READ / Yoonkee Kim

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Korean artist and musician Yoonkee Kim fills the pages of this tiny tome with a range of works showcasing expressive and experimental drawings and paintings, produced with a range of tools. READ is a collection of Kim's drawings and mixed-media works. Many are figurative and raw, with images of figures, animals, and various landscapes in crayon, marker, pen and colored pencil. These drawings are juxtaposed with other abstracted works, including textured and neon paintings, typographic works, and colorful mixed-media pieces. 

With a colorful foreward, in Korean, by Sung Ki Wan

Designed by Ahn Mano

Published by Grigo Gallery, 2017

Softcover, ca. 400 pages, full color, offset, 4.3 × 5.9 inches

ISBN: 978-89-98897-06-2

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