• Questioning Answers

Questioning Answers

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In Questioning Answers, thirty-six first year graphic design students of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (KABK) were challenged to interpret the subject of interviews. 

What is a question? What is an answer? Their findings have been compiled in more ways than one; this booklet is one of the many outcomes. Whereas other investigations were heavily content-driven, this booklet compiles an array of more subjective visual conclusions to Q and A’s. 

During the spring of 2017, this booklet also functioned as a catalogue to accompany a larger exhibition presenting the students’ interpretations. 

The project was mentored by Bart de Baets, Susana Carvalho, and Rob van den Nieuwenhuizen. 

Designed by Rob van den Nieuwenhuizen

Published in a limited edition of 250 copies

Softcover, 40 pages, 3-color Pantone printing, 4.2 × 5.9 inches

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