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50 Years of Signs, Symbols, Banners, Logos, and Graphic Art of LGBTQ

By Andy Campbell

The first-ever illustrated history of the iconic designs, symbols, and graphic art representing more than 5 decades of LGBTQ pride and activism–from the evolution of Gilbert Baker’s rainbow flag to the NYC Pride typeface launched in 2017 and beyond.

Organized by decade beginning with Pre-Liberation and then spanning the 1970s through the millennium, Queer × Design will be an empowering, uplifting, and colorful celebration of the hundreds of graphics—from shapes and symbols to flags and iconic posters—that have stood for the powerful and ever-evolving LGBTQ movement over the last five-plus decades.

Includes Gilbert Baker’s original rainbow flag, ACT-UP’s Silence = Death poster, the AIDS quilt, and Keith Haring’s “Heritage of Pride” logo, as well as the original Lavender Menace t-shirt design, logos such as “The Pleasure Chest,” protest buttons such as “Anita Bryant Sucks Oranges,” and so much more.

Sidebars throughout will cover important visual grouping such as a “Lexicon of Pride Flags,” explaining the now more than a dozen flags that represent segments of the community and the evolution of the pink triangle.

Published by Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, 2019

Cover and book design by Katie Benezra

Hardcover, 256 pages, full color, 7.5 × 9.25 inches

ISBN: 978-0-76-246785-3

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