• Future Book(s): Sharing Ideas on Books and (Art) Publishing

Future Book(s): Sharing Ideas on Books and (Art) Publishing

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What is the future of the book? And, specifically, what is the future of books on art, design and architecture, and cultural-critical publications?

Dutch publishing powerhouse Valiz asked a large number of international interested individuals to respond to this question. Journalists, artists, architects, curators, translators, designers, philosophers, sociologists, teachers, book scholars, publishers, printing houses, distributors, booksellers, historians and art-historians, critics, policymakers, editors, students, and many others have enthusiastically shared their views with us, looking ahead five, twenty or seventy-two years (to the year 2100).

At times utopian, wildly fantasizing, at other times with realistic scenarios, in both text and images, the resulting publication is an exciting volume for anyone who loves books and/or is involved in books and cultural content.

To celebrate the project's scope and diversity, each section of this publication has been designed by a commissioned young designer.

Edited by Pia Pol and Astrid Vostermans

Designed by Line Arngaard, Wibke Bramesfeld, Isa Grienberger, Elisabeth Klement (with Katla Einarsdóttir), Zuzana Kostelanská, Dymfy van Meel, Victoria Paeva, Laura Pappa, Lotte Lara Schröder and Irene Stracuzz

Published by Valiz, 2023
Bilingual, in Dutch and English

Softcover, 496 pages, b&w, 9.7 × 9.45 inches

ISBN: 978-9-49-324627-0

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