• Posterzine Issue 6, James Lunn

Posterzine Issue 6, James Lunn

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Posterzine™️ is a monthly mini-magazine in poster form

The sixth issue of Posterzine features James Lunn, an award-winning design and art director currently based in York, UK, after having previously worked alongside leading design practitioners in London, New York, and Berlin. Characterized by his epic typographical layouts and designs—including superb editorial design work for Flaneur magazine, Hewlett-Packard and Print Isn’t Dead magazine, Lunn's approach is labor-intensive and precise. Lunn is has been recognized by a range of established platforms. 

In this issue you can find an exclusive interview discovering the inner-workings of Lunn's creative mind as well as a specially designed A1 graphic poster and presentation of two of Lunn's original typeface designs.

Designed by James Lunn
Interview conducted by Hannah Dawson
Edited by Marcroy Smith

Published by People of Print in partnership with Pressision Ltd & G.F. Smith Papers

1 poster, double-sided, 2 spot Pantone colors: black and 871U Gold; (folded) 8.31 × 11.75 inches; (unfolded) 23.4 × 33 inches

ISSN: 2059-7452

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