• Posterzine Issue 48, Zipeng Zhu

Posterzine Issue 48, Zipeng Zhu

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Posterzine™️ is a monthly mini-magazine in poster form

Obsessed with obscenely bright colors is NYC-based Zipeng Zhu, designer, illustrator, animator and art director who wants to make every day a "razzle-dazzle musical" according to his brilliantly bold website.

An exclusive interview with Zipeng along with a selection of some of his finest work and an sassy A1 typographic poster complete this perfect printed package.

Published by People of Print in partnership with Pressision Ltd., G.F. Smith Papers

1 poster, double-sided, 2 spot Pantone colors; (folded) 8.31 × 11.75 inches; (unfolded) 23.4 × 33 inches

ISSN: 2059-7452

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