• Posterzine Issue 20, Unit Editions

Posterzine Issue 20, Unit Editions

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Posterzine™️ is a monthly mini-magazine in poster form

In this issue of People of Print's monthly publishing project, collectors can find a wavy front cover and A1 poster by world-renowned independent publishing company Unit Editions, perfect for any psychedelic graphic lover.

Formed in 2010 by Tony Brook, Patricia Finegan and Adrian Shaughnessy, Unit Edition's publication and print-savvy team undertake interesting projects, producing unique pieces of print for everyone to enjoy.

Designed by Tom Sutcliffe
Edited by Marcroy Smith
Interview by Kate Hollowood

Published by People of Print in partnership with Pressision Ltd., G.F. Smith Papers

1 poster, double-sided, 2 spot Pantone colors: 662 C and 032 C; (folded) 8.31 × 11.75 inches; (unfolded) 23.4 × 33 inches

ISSN: 2059-7452

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