• Posterzine Issue 18, Gemma O'Brien

Posterzine Issue 18, Gemma O'Brien

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Posterzine™️ is a monthly mini-magazine in poster form

Gemma O'Brien is an Australian artist whose immensely detailed illustrations have caught the eye of the world. With typography featuring heavily in her work, Gemma plasters her whimsical designs across murals, paper and pretty much any surface she can get her hands on.

This 18th issue of Posterzine features a poster by Gemma—an illustrated dimensional alphabet set among branches and flowers—along with an exclusive interview where she discusses her journey as a designer.

Art direction and interview by Marcroy Smith

Designed by Tom Sutcliffe

Published by People of Print in partnership with Pressision Ltd., G.F. Smith Papers

1 poster, double-sided, 2 spot Pantone colors: 932C and 2766C; (folded) 8.31 × 11.75 inches; (unfolded) 23.4 × 33 inches

ISSN: 2059-7452

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