• Poster Tribune, Issue 1

Poster Tribune, Issue 1

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Posters are equally artistic creations, communication tools and witnesses to social, commercial and artistic trends from specific periods. Poster Tribune examines and breathes new life into these short-lived street exhibitions. The articles in each issue document and promote contemporary international and Swiss graphic design, reflect on poster history and report on recent exhibitions. Poster Tribune contains 12 pages of illustrated articles and 3 posters.

The focus of Poster Tribune Issue 1 is “graphic maneuvers—détournement and subversion.”

This issue includes: an imaginary interview with Guy Debord; the posters of design studio FLAG; Atelier Poisson's identity and posters for Geneva's La Bâtie Festival; an article by Swiss poster expert Jean-Charles Giroud, director of the Geneva Library, on the Swiss illustrated poster's path to standardization; the advertising posters of the Zurich Public Transport system; polychromatic decorative posters produced by Holztypenfabrik Roman Scherer A.G. in Lucerne, Switzerland; Emmanuel Rey's typeface Euclid Bold; Dada typography; a 2011 exhibition curated by Schönherwehrs (Gregor Schönborn, Stéphane Hernandez and Niels Wehrspann) about graphic design in the Swiss region of Romandie; and an article about Kunstkammer, an exhibition of Manystuff's poster collection.

Interviews with: Julien Notter and Sébastien Vigne on their posters for the Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival; Geneva-based photographer and visual communicator Régis Golay of Federal Studio; and Amsterdam-based graphic designer Bart Be Baets on his series of birthday posters.

Contributors: Ramaya Tegegne, Notter+Vigne, Federal Studio, Atelier Poisson, Flag, Bart de Baets, Jean-Charles Groud, Anne Voneche, Mathieu Christe, Emmanuel Rey, Schönherwehrs, Charlotte Cheatham

Designed by Xavier Erni, Thuy-An Hoang, Martin Maeder, and Adeline Senn

Published by Poster Tribune
First edition, 2011

Text in English and French

12 pages (3 posters), 25.5 x 37 inches, offset

ISSN 1664-8706

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