• Benoît Bodhuin / Poster No. 4

Benoît Bodhuin / Poster No. 4

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A typo/graphic poster, produced as part of a set of four posters designed using the Bauhaus-inspired typeface Side A.

A Bauhaus-inspired typeface with experimental and spiky forms that comes in three various sizes, Side A was inspired by the pulsating beats of electronic music, and its spiky, darting shapes themselves become a visual manifesto. 

Poster No. 4 features Walter Gropius's 1919 “Manifesto” of the Bauhaus in descending type sizes: 

The ultimate goal of all pictorial activity is the construction! To decorate it was once the chief task of the visual arts, they were indispensable components of great architecture. Today they stand in self-sufficient capacity, from which they can be redeemed only by conscious co-operation and interaction between all the workers. Architects, painters, and sculptors must learn to understand and understand the multi-facetted figure of the building in its entirety and in its parts, and then their works will again fill themselves with an architectural spirit which they have lost in the drawing-room art ... We want to create, together, the new construction of the future, which will all be in one form: architecture and sculpture and painting, which will rise from millions of hands of craftsmen to heaven as a crystalline symbol of a new coming faith.”

Poster and typeface design by Benoît Bodhuin

Text in German

Printed at Lézard Graphique
Printed in a very limited edition of 30 numbered copies

3 color silkscreen poster on thick paper, 23.6 × 31.5 inches

Looking makes making better.