• Poster Collection 21: Paradise Switzerland

Poster Collection 21: Paradise Switzerland

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This publication presents posters promoting travel, agricultural products, Swiss manufacturing (watches), and other familiar motifs. Vintage Swiss posters appear alongside contemporary designs—in some works, traditional imagery is deliberately invested with new meanings. While this volume highlights readings of stereotypically Swiss images from a contemporary point of view, it also pays homage to the repertoire of images that have historically been deployed to represent Switzerland.

Includes approximately 90 posters produced between 1900 and 2010, by designers and ad agencies including Aebi und Partner, Otto Baumberger, Emil Cardiaux, Hans Falk, Walter Herdeg, Herbert Leupin, Burkhard Mangold, Herbert Matter, Martin Peikert, Emil Schulthess, Stalder und Suter, Niklaus Stoecklin, Ruf Lanz, Carlo Vivarelli, Weber, Hodel, Schmid, and others.

Includes the essay “Swiss Crosses, Heidi Alphorns, William Tell: The History of An Obsession” by the Swiss ethnologist and writer David Signer; and “Paradise Switzerland: an Image World” by Cynthia Gavranic.

Designed by Integral Lars Müller

Published by Lars Müller in cooperation with Museum Für Gestaltung Zürich

In German and English

96 pages, 120 full color illustrations, 6.5 × 9.5 inches

ISBN: 978-3-03778-205-7

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